Dooms and Blooms

February 18 isn’t just an ordinary day for me— it’s a constant reminder of shattered dreams, broken trust,  old wounds, bitter endings, and a love lost. 

Four years later, new memories were made to erase and replace the remnants of that dark part of the past. And I have two of my closest friends in law school to thank for that. They, together with their boyfriends, tagged me along to the first-ever sunflower maze in Pangasinan. 

This trip to Allied Botanical Corporation’s sunflower maze was planned just a few days before Feb. 18. They asked me if I wanted to go to Pangasinan to see the sunflower maze, and being the kaladkarin friend that I am, I instantly said “G!”

No regrets. At all. 

Walking in a maze filled with sunflowers in full bloom felt like walking in an ice cream/pizza parlor after a tiring day. I can almost hear my heart singing, “I’m walking on sunshine, woh, oh. And it’s time to feel good!” 

And yep, I didn’t mind being the fifth wheel at all. Haha!

I couldn’t express how a-maze-ing the place is. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Could this pass for a pre-nup?

We also had a side trip to Balungao Hilltop Adventure. 

Here’s our pre-zipline (600m) photos.

Target shooting

(Was so ecstatic to shoot for the first time albeit it wasn’t a real gun. )

Ended the night at the Mall of Asia with a buffet dinner in Cabalen plus a good view of the Pyrolympics. 

All of these for just Php1,500. 

Did I say how giddy I was? 

Well, this trip is definitely one for the books– a trip that made February 18 worth-remembering. 

You can’t change nor erase the memories of the past, but you can always create new ones.