Been searching for a place to call home Wandering endlessly — through snow-covered streets; through the first hint of spring; through dandelions and evergreens; through pink skies and fallen leaves. And still nothing. She kept on searching and searching and searching. Darkness called her and sang her a lullaby Nestled her in his arms; Cocooned… Continue reading Home


Long Ago


Don't look at me as if I'm the only one you see. Don't talk to me as if you mean the words you say. Don't listen to me as if you truly care. Don't wrap me around your arms as if you don't want me to go anywhere. Don't hold my hands as if you… Continue reading DON’T



Photography makes my heart happy albeit knowing  only too little about it. Nonetheless, I guess it's worth giving it a try. Anyways, here are some of the photos I captured. Portraits with my brothers.   More portraits...   ... And more portraits   Stills